Monday, August 11, 2014

A Few Before and Afters - Reupholstery

Goodwill Beginnings 

{This chair was $10!!! and the fabric was $2.85/yd in the scrap rolls! Very good cost for a first project} 

New Skills:

Staple pulling - Ouch!

Making a pattern

Learning the lingo - welting, cording, piping??

Nail Heads

Zipper {Thanks Mom!}

What I have learned since this redo to make the cushion cover fit better ~ Make the cover tight and then fold the cushion in half before putting it into the cover. Makes a neater fit. Who knew?


Victorian Velvet 

New Skills: 

Hand Tying Springs

Recovering Buttons

Diamond Tufting 

New Materials Found ~ Dacron and Pronged Buttons 


Drab Green to Shiny Blue 

New Skills: 

Knowledge of New Tools Needed {22 Gauge Nail Gun to 18 Gauge Nail Gun} 

Pattern Matching 

Note: A Rubber Mallet Made reattaching the sides and back a BREEZE on this project!! A must have for any larger reupholstery jobs. 

Little guy saw this as the perfect opportunity to play with his vehicles. Always ready to help momma. He will be pulling staple in no time. Smile.

With each new project, I learn a little more and gain more confidence in my newfound skills. I am looking forward to my next couple of projects!! Pictures to be posted soon!! 

The hardest part of this process -- staple pulling!! 

My ABSOLUTE favorite part of this process -- getting to WORK AT HOME while Declan is young and the finished product. Having a design degree isn't a must, but having a VISION is. When I see a piece, the AFTER vision is already in my head and that is what keeps me going. That and CLIENT SATISFACTION!! There is nothing better than seeing the JOY on client's face when they see the finished product!