Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top 10: Drawer Designer

 Top 10: Drawer Designer 

The next item in my Top 10 Favorite Clever Container products is the DRAWER ORGANIZER.

When I first began with Clever Container, I really thought my home was super organized (even though it was and still is a daily process of doing and redoing to find the best solutions). But, having a newborn in the house has greatly changed my perspectives on organizing. It is very difficult to even get out of the door in the morning without forgetting something.

If you read one of my past posts on the DRESSER REDO, you will see I ended up using it in our entryway as a place to store items we would always need before leaving home. Over a short time period, this quickly became a 9 drawer junk collector.

This is when I realized that having an organized home doesn't just include areas people see and the kitchen, but also areas people don't see-- such as drawers. This is why I LOVE the Drawer Designer.

Drawer Designer: 

The Drawer Designer comes in 3 different sizes -- Medium, Small and large (the large has its own dividers. These items are a steal because they are inexpensive and you get more than one in each package. 

Drawer Designer- Medium (12x6x3)
Item # 0215 
$10.00 for a set of 2

Drawer Designer- Small (12x4x3)
Item #0216
$10.00 for a set of 3

Drawer Designer Combo 
Item #0217
$30.00 for the set

Includes 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large

These Drawer Dividers are marketed in the catalog as closet and drawer dividers for clothing, but they are so much more!!! I could find a place for these Drawer Organizers for every area of my home. Here are some examples using our front entryway DRESSER.

Thank You Cards
Basic Office Supplies
Used the smallest Case by Case (Item #0809-Mrn) 
to hold cards, the lid holds stamps 
and smaller notepads. The original Thank You
 Card box holds tape, calculator and mini stapler. 

Items: travel hand sanitizer, tissues, bug spray, lint roller, sunglasses, MP3 player and IPods with speakers, car chargers
Medium Drawer Organizer- Sunglasses, Small Drawer Designers- 1. gum 2. music devices and chargers, 3. Travel tissues and hand sanitizer along with bug repellant
Lint roller moved to the car.

I ran out of the Drawer Designer for this drawer, but I am going to get some more. These items include the dogs' grooming tools, harness and water bowls, bags, bandannas and medications. 


3 Small for smaller spices and 1 Medium for larger spices (another medium could still fit in front)

Larger Spices

I also decided to use the Drawer Designer in my Kitchen for spices. This cleared up much needed room in my pantry because I was able to put all of my spices together in one place. 

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who know me, I am trying to rid our home of unnatural things- many of these spices I know contain MSG and other harmful things. This drawer will have less room after I do my research on what to toss. 

The pantry doors have several of these racks. 


-desk drawer for staplers, notepads, markers, etc. 
-dresser drawer for rolled up tank tops or tights
-kitchen drawers for rolled kitchen linens
-pantry for washrags or hand towels
-utensils in kitchen drawers
-Hold kids remote controls for game systems

-add to drawers in bathroom for toothpaste, toothbrushes or other items that would/could drip water and ruin drawer bottoms
-utensils in the kitchen drawers

Monday, January 14, 2013

Top 10: Stuff It Container

Number 2 on the Top Ten List of my Favorite Clever Container Items

Stuff It: This item is EXCLUSIVE to Clever Container! It comes flat and you just push the bottom in, zip it up and you have a great versatile clutter keeper for only $17.00. (9 x 5 x 6) 

When I recently had to spend almost 3 weeks in a hotel during the adoption process of our son, it was very difficult to find space to keep our bathroom essentials and still have the counter free for bathing baby. I wish I would've thought to collapse my Stuff It container,pack it in my suitcase and then use it as a bathroom essentials keeper while in the hotel room. This makes a great travel container for kids in the back seat as well. Pack all of their games or art supplies and allow them to keep the Stuff It within their reach on the seat. With its flat bottom, it will sit on the seat with ease. 

This item can virtually be used in any room of your home for any purpose needed. 


-pens, scissors, a notepad for taking notes from phone calls or clipping coupons
-measuring spoons, cups, cookie cutters or other baking items all in one place

-a little girls' hair brush and accessories
-fingernail polish and manicure/pedicure tools

Bedroom (near the bed):
-phone chargers
-a notepad or journal
-a book 

Kids' Zone:
-art supplies

-Extra pens
-Address labels
-Additional envelopes
-business supplies (catalogs, order forms, pens)

Craft Room:
-scrap booking basic supplies



Fill a STUFF IT with COLORED SHARPIES, DRY ERASE MARKERS, POST IT NOTES, MAGNETIC NOTEPADS, PERSONALIZED THANK YOU CARDS WITH TEACHER’S INITIAL, MINI-STAPLER, PAPERCLIPS, PENCILS, PENS, MINI-BINDER CLIPS, and HIGHLIGHTERS. Wrap the whole set with colored Cellophane, add a big bow and you are set!! Oh, and don’t forget a little CHOCOLATE or TEACHER’S FAVORITE CANDY. You could also add a GIFT CARD for Target, Starbucks or teacher’s favorite store. (Note: Go in with several other parents or a room mom if that’s an option) 

THEMED BIRTHDAY GIFTS (the many pockets on the Stuff It lend themselves to being filled with all kinds of goodies!!)

Art Theme: fill with markers, crayons, paint/paintbrushes, paper, etc. 

Beach Theme (also good for teacher gift): Fill with favorite book, sunscreen, Aloe gel, Tumbler for a cool drink, flip flops, cute shades, snacks that are heat proof like granola, trinkets such as beach themed key ring or drink coaster. ****CLEVER CONTAINER MAGNETIC CLIPS CAN ALSO BE ADDED FOR KEEPING SNACKS FRESH 

Scrapbook Theme: Specialty scissors and punching tools, adhesive materials, stickers, embossers, ink and stamp pads

Gardening Theme: kneeling pad, gardening tools, cute small flowerpot, seeds, gloves, bug spray, a water sprayer for keeping cool


It comes in two prints:

Item 0776 Green Dot
Item 0775 Leopard

Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 10: Backseat Entertainment and Cargo Pocket

Both of these organizational items are EXCLUSIVE to Clever Container!!!

With our very busy lives, most of us live in our vehicles which makes them messy and unorganized. If you are like me, your car can tend to be cluttered with water bottles, cloth bags for shopping, tissue boxes and wipes, coupons and receipts, CDs, chargers, toys, etc. My husband hates riding in or driving my car because it has so much rolling around. I try to keep organized in the car, but it is difficult when you are on the move. And, if your car is anything like mine, the glove compartment and consoles just can't hold it all.

On the off chance I do have time to really clean my car, I tend to clean too much and then I get to the store without my bags or I forget something I need because I "cleaned".

Both of these products can help ELIMINATE the above mentioned problems. I LOVE these products now; especially since space is now limited with a carseat and stroller!!

Backseat Entertainment: Item #0105-GB (GB=Green Butterfly) The pattern did change from 2012. Size: 11Wx3Dx20H

This 8 pocket organizer has space for a standard tissue box, 3 pockets for CDs, games, books, DVD player and toys, and 4 smaller mesh pockets for gum, game cartridges, cards and crayons.

Some other uses for this item:  extra snacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, Tide pen, extra hair holders (for girls), dog leashes or snacks

Price: $25

Cargo Pockets: Item #0562-GB (GB=Green Butterfly) The pattern did change from 2012.Size: 13x46

Five handy pockets keep your car looking nice and organized. This includes three mesh pockets and two patterned pockets (behind the middle mesh pocket). 

This auto pocket is great because it hangs from the back seat of the car. This clears the space on the floor for groceries, stroller, or other large items you may need to carry with you. I like this tool because having an infant and having to carry a stroller really limits what I can keep in my trunk. 

Some uses for this item: bicycle helmet (as shown), skates (as shown), dog leashes/water bowl, sports equipment, cloth grocery bags, flashlight, portable rain slicker, disposable camera (for those moments you can't miss), first aid kit,  a bath towel (for the occasional muddy shoes or for wiping off wet playground equipment or dogs' feet)

For those with infants: an additional bottle, formula, extra diapers, additional bibs/burp clothes, clothes, wipes (thanks to my friend, Holly, for this suggestion- life saver)

This is also perfect for frequent trips to the pool in summer: swim diapers, beach towels, snacks, hats, sunscreen, pool toys, etc.

Price: $28

Other Clever Container car products available for Auto:

Car Hooks #0120
(Set of 2)
Car Pocket #0121-GB
No-Leak Litterbag #0560-GB
Swing Away #0413-BK (Black) and #0413-GB (Green Butterfly)
$25 and $30
Cargo Tote #0124-GB
This is perfect for those of you who shop Costco or other big box brand stores - fully collapses. 

Check back soon for pictures of some of these items being used in my own car!!! 

Why I Love Clever Container

When my husband and I decided for me to quit teaching, I was terrified. I knew the stress was a lot to deal with while pursuing fertility treatments, but I also worried that we would be taking a huge leap of faith letting go of my salary.

But, I DID KNOW something for sure. Whenever we got pregnant, I wanted to be able to stay at home with our child. We had tried so hard and for so long to grow our family and I couldn't bare the thought of then having to leave that child with a sitter or nanny. I know a lot of families take that route and I by no means condemn them for that. You do what is best for your family.

In our situation, Declan arrived 5 months before our 8 year wedding anniversary. Him being our first child, I wasn't ready to go back to work and leave him. It was a long road of trying naturally to get pregnant and failing, trying fertility treatments and failing and finally trying the adoption route--SUCCESS!! We planned for me to stay at home to be with him and it has worked out well.

That being said, we live on a strict budget and I really wanted to help contribute to our income. I did nanny for the first year after I quit teaching up until Declan arrived, but it wasn't feasible for me to continue as nanny when Declan was still so little. Although I do hold a teaching certificate for my state, I really didn't want to go back to teaching as it would not allow me the flexibility of being with our son. So, I decided to do a search of stay at home mom jobs. I discovered Clever Container. I was very excited. I also have a diploma in Residential Planning (I went back to school while teaching to complete my Interior Design training which I had begun in college- Interior Design was my first major). So, Clever Container was a perfect fit. I could sell items to help people organize their spaces as well as designing a beautifully organized space for them. It was perfect.

I absolutely LOVE my Drafting Table from Craigslist.
I use it for EVERYTHING!
With you now knowing what led me to Clever Container, I want to let you know about Clever Container itself. Clever Container is a company that creates and sells products strictly for organizing your home and automobiles. What I really love about the products is that the company is now trying to design and produce EXCLUSIVE products that you would not find other places. The prices are also less expensive on many items than you would find other places--  especially the products that come with 2-6 items in one package for one price. With a little creativity, most of the products can be used in a variety of areas throughout the home. That way, when you purchase something from Clever Container it becomes a versatile item that you can use for one purpose now and another purpose later as your needs change.

In the following 10 Blog Posts, I am going to introduce you to 10 Clever Container products that I really do LOVE.

My top 10 Clever Container products are:
1. Backseat Entertainment and Car Pocket (Auto)
2. Stuff It
3. Drawer Organizers
4. Over the Door Pantry Organizer
5. Fridge Cubes
6. Clever Bucket and Tuff Totes
7. Stow or Go
8. Clever Cache
9. Shoe File, Handbag File and Flip Flop Files
10. Bin Items for Pantry and Refrigerator

**It was very difficult to choose these top 10 because all of the products are wonderful, but these are the ten that I think will appeal to most of you. Check out the next blog for Item #1.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Organized 101

Getting Organized 101 (January 2013 article published in neighborhood newsletter)

Of all of the resolutions that people make each year, there are always a few that stand out above the rest. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology (University of Scranton), the top resolutions included losing weight and getting organized along with spending less money and saving more money. The study also showed the likelihood of resolutions being met each year and continuing past six months is only 45%. But, don’t let those numbers discourage you!
According to this study, getting organized is listed as a separate resolution. But, did you know that getting organized can actually help you meet your other resolutions? For example, if your pantry and refrigerator are organized you will spend less money on groceries because you won’t buy duplicates. You will use what you have. You may even be tempted to plan a weekly menu and save money on the occasional drive through meal which will in turn help with the losing weight resolution.

It is important to realize in the beginning of this process that becoming organized does not need to be an added stressor to your life. Tackle only ONE space at a time. If you try to tackle the whole house at once, you will tend to be overwhelmed and give up. In the end, you should have a home that works best for YOU and have more time to do things that matter most like spending time with family or exercising.  

Here are some general guidelines on getting organized and being persistent:

Recognize your trouble spots. This is where you play detective. Ask your family to help with this step. Look around your home and see where the major clutter collecting areas are located. Usually these areas include the entryway, the kitchen counter or dining table, the desk in the office, the closets, and the kids’ areas (we will save the garage for later). Make a list and expected completion date for organizing each space.

Find a place for every item. We have all heard the adage “A Place for Everything and Everything in its place.” This rings very true for getting and staying organized. Each space should be clearly defined for its purpose and only items needed in the space should be stored there. For example, items needed before you leave home such as keys and sunglasses should be stored in your entryway- not backpacks, athletic equipment or piles of junk mail.

Use what you already have to help organize these spaces. Small bowls or trays can be used inside pieces of entryway furniture to separate small items. Dog leashes can be hung on a decorative hook behind the door. A pretty gardening pot may be used to hold umbrellas.

The DIYers may even like to cover heavy duty boxes in pretty fabric or recycle cans to hold small items in drawers or on desks. (As a new mom I can say that diaper boxes and formula cans work great for recycled storage)

Purge. As you organize each area, see what you no longer need to keep. The less you have to store, the more organized you can be. This is especially important in the closet, kitchen and kids’ zones. Just like you can purchase food that is a duplicate, you can also spend money on unnecessary clothing. Also, clear the junk mail as it comes into the home.

Stay on top of things. Spending entire days or weeks cleaning before company comes is not how any of us would like to spend our time. Once your top clutter spots are organized and working for your family, you must put steps in place to keep them that way. Cleaning clutter a little at a time makes this possible.

For younger children, pictures of toys/items can be added on the front of a bucket or other container to help them stay organized (this also helps with the skill of categorizing for younger children). For two story homes, a basket or bag at the end of the stairs can be a great solution. When items are brought down during the day, place them in the container as you are finished with them. Then, at night, carry the container upstairs and replace items all at once.

Create a home binder(s). Pretty home binders and folders are all the rage right now. You can pull up information on creating them with a simple Google or Pinterest search. But, they aren’t just pretty- they actually work. You can have as many binders as you want, but make sure they are labeled and organized. Having too many could be overwhelming. Making them too “pretty” can also take time and money.

The following general categories can be added into one binder or several:

1.      Contact List: Neighbors/friends, family, doctors, dentist, vet, insurance, schools, work, home (gas, electric, etc.) (this can also help keep the fridge clear of business cards)
2.      Weekly Menu: menu for the week, grocery list for the week, recipes for week’s meals, coupons
3.      Cleaning Checklist: You may think this is a little OCD, but this will help you with your daily scheduling and save time and money (repairs from lack of maintenance). Add a category for daily, weekly, monthly and annual lists of items that need to be completed. A Weekly Schedule might include washing linens on Saturday and cleaning the kitchen on Tuesday. A Monthly Schedule might include vacuuming the blinds or cleaning the carpets. This section could also include kids’ chore chart(s).
4.      Home Maintenance: phone numbers or business cards for trusted repair, schedules of routine home maintenance such as air conditioning filter changes, appliance checkups or cleanings, manuals for appliances
5.      Auto Maintenance: Phone numbers, type of oil or other fluids used, maintenance checklist with dates
6.      Kids: (useful for babysitters) medical information, infant and child CPR information, doctor’s information, schedules for school and extracurricular activities, newsletters from school or teachers
7.      Pets: Veterinarian information, pet sitter notes, allergies, medications  
8.      Other categories you might want to add: calendar with birthdays/anniversaries, inventory sheets for pantry/freezer/fridge, gift wish lists (holiday/birthday), natural cleaning tips

Getting organized will take time, but in the end it’s worth it. Staying organized will take effort, but will save you time in the long run. You will also feel less stressed because you will have time to spend on other activities that you enjoy more than cleaning house. If you get organized now and make an effort to stay that way, you will quickly realize that you aren’t as busy with housework and chores as you used to be.