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Our Home: Organizing Systems in Place

After my previous post on the importance of having organizing systems in place, I thought I would share a few of the systems I have in place in our home that help make our lives run more smoothly. I will add to this as our home evolves and our systems change.

Overall Home Running Systems (these will be addressed in separate posts in detail)

1. Cleaning schedule
2. Home Binder
3. Homeade Baby Food
4. Clean as You Go 

1. Dog leashes: A cute hook in the image of a duck hangs behind the front door
                       Source: Hobby Lobby

2. Dresser: A refinished dresser holds seasonal items and everything we need before leaving the house (bug spray, flashlights, sunglasses, extra gum, headphones and chargers, hand sanitizer, individual tissue packs, etc.)
                  Source: $25 from a neighbor along with paint and stain, new knobs from Hobby Lobby                   and decoupaged craft paper from Hobby Lobby {See previous post on my dresser                         redo in DIY}

3. Keys: A cute ceramic bowl with a top holds our keys in one pretty place
             Source: Home Goods - the bathroom section

4. Shoes: Shelving was added to one side of our under the stairs closet for shoes- we take them off when we come inside- this helps with household cleanliness for our little ones sake and mine
               Source: Shelving system from Rubbermaid

5. Mail: On the dresser, a filing system for our mail sits. It has two sections- one for incoming and one for outgoing. On the way from the mailbox, I flip through the mail. I immediately try to toss the junk mail and separate out the coupons and magazines. I then place the bills and items we need to respond to in the incoming slot for Gary to check and respond to later. If I need to write a thank you card, I try to do it right away. If I need to buy a card for someone, I try to make a note of that as well. I keep blank cards in a drawer of the dresser so I can do Thank You cards quickly.
                Source: Mail Holder from Home Goods
                Source: Cards from Target {these are not the same ones, mine are all rectangular note card sizes, but this is similar to what I purchased}
Die-Cut Notecard Set 50-pk.

Future Changes to the entryway: 

The entryway has become a bit crowded now that we turned our dining room into a playroom for our new addition. I am not sure if I will keep the dresser there or not. We are in the process of building a pallet wall where hooks will be hung for purses, bookbags, etc. I also envision a skinny bench with storage underneath. By removing the dresser and adding a small storage bench, the entryway will become more open. We also want to add sliding barn doors to the opening of the now playroom (Dream, dream, dream -- dream, dream, dream).

STAY TUNED: Pallet wall reveal coming soon!!! Yay!!! Thanks so much to my hubby and carpenter who takes my visions and makes them a reality. Without him - I wouldn't be doing a lot of these projects.


1. What's for dinner? I take one day a week (usually Sunday afternoon) and plan meals for the week. I try to also clip coupons and create my shopping list.

2. Oops we are out list: We write down items when we use the last bit. This list stays on the refrigerator.

3. Must have coffee!! Our coffee maker is a Keurig so we have KCups, creamer and sugar packets. We also drink a lot of tea. The Keurig sits on the counter along with the K-Cup holder. The sugar packets and tea packets are in the above cabinet with our coffee mugs. I used Clever Container products here (Bin Coffee and Under Shelf Cup Wrack - Chrome)

Bin CoffeeUnder Shelf Cup Rack-Chrome

4. Declan's drawer: One large drawer in our kitchen holds snack packets, apple sauce and utensils for our little one. We don't have a lot of additional items for him since we are ridding our home of plastic. I heat his food on our plates and place it on his high chair for him to eat. 

5. Where is that lid? I stack bowls by size and store lids in the Overhang 
                  Source: Clever Container 

6. Recycling: under the sink lives an old plastic trash bin where recycling gets tossed until trash day

7. Is the dishwasher clean or dirty? Before beginning a meal, I always empty the dishwasher. That way, dishes and utensils I use to cook are in the dishwasher before dinner is served. When dinner is finished, the food is stored in lunch portions for the next day (if there is any left- feeding a growing boy and his daddy can be a challenge at times) and the rest of the dinner dishes are put in the dishwasher. It is turned on before we go to bed. In the morning, after breakfast, it can be unloaded. 

8. Where's a pen? I keep a container for pens, small post it note pads, dry erase markers, scissors and loose change in the kitchen. We always know where these items are when needed. 
     Source: Stuff It from Clever Container {}

The one shown here is green and white polka dot, but it now comes in pink and black.

9. Are we out of dishrags again? I recently switched to all white dishcloths. We go through them quickly as one has to be sanitary to wipe Declan after meals, one for washing and one for the counter or wiping our hands when cooking. This helps with laundry. I can also bleach them if needed. I toss them in a container at the end of the day. When the container is full, I carry it upstairs and toss them in the wash. 
                     Source: Small Tuff Tote in Fushcia (color isn't my favorite for the kitchen, but it                            serves it's purpose) 

10. High Chair: We don't need to ever worry where the bib is. I attached a 3M Command Hook to the back of the chair for his bib. The most wonderful bib was given to us as a gift - Baby Bjorn Bib. It catches all of the (well most of anyway) crumbs. 
                      Source: Target
 BABYBJĂ–RN Soft Bib - Red

Kitchen Wishlist: 
Command Center with cork for hanging needed papers
Deep drawers so I don't have to kneel down with a flashlight to locate pans to cook with. I mean, I love a good mystery novel, but I don't want to be a detective in order to find something to cook with. 

Living Room 

1. DVDs and Game Accessories: A while back, I knew having these items out in the open would be an issue with a crawling baby. I used two trunks in different sizes to store these items. 
                      Source: Home Goods -- My FAVORITE shopping spot other than flea markets of                                     course. 

2. Magazines: I store these all in a pile in a large wooden bowl. I go through them routinely and recycle the older ones.
                       Source: the large wooden bowl is an heirloom from my grandmother - I have a                              whole set of them in graduated sizes 

Diaper Changing Stations (upstairs and downstairs) 

1. Downstairs: On the lower floor, there is a covered basket that holds wipes, diapers and diaper cream. This makes it easy to change little man without having to run around hunting for supplies

2. Upstairs: There is a large, rectangular basket underneath the changing table. When we buy new diapers, I unpack them and split them between the downstairs and upstairs and store the rest. This basket also holds additional supplies and wipes. 

Master Bathroom 

1. Rubber Ducky: All of the bath toys are kept in the tub, but I want to add this system soon. 

2.  Do I really need a diaper, mommy? We now bathe our little man in our large tub for convenience. So, I keep a container on the side of the tub. It contains wash clothes, soap and shampoo, and diapers. When I fold laundry and put away new diapers, I add these here. This system keeps up from having to run get something when we have already undressed him and run the water. 
                     Source: The basket used here was free from a doctor's office visit when we were    
                      looking for a pediatrician

3. Why is the floor so wet? When we moved into our home, we noticed the towel bar was by the tub. When we took a shower, we had to walk, dripping, to the tub to get our towels. I purchased two hooks to hank right across from the shower. This is where our towels and robes now hang. It makes a difference in how wet the floor gets now. 


1. Why can't I find a coathanger? As soon as we take clothes off of the hanger to dress, we place the empty hanger on a short bar in our closet. When I go to do laundry and hang clothes, I save time hunting (uhum...playing detective again)

2. Do I really have a tank top in every color? Yes, pretty much. They are great to exercise in, wear under button downs and under itchy sweaters in the winter. I used to fold them, but that took time. Now I just hang them up in the closet. 
               Source: Clever Container Belt Hanger                          (photo from a fellow consultant) 

3. Laundry: Having a divided laundry basket in our closet is great. We put our clothes there and they are divided into 3 sections- colors, whites and undies. I need another one of these to hold towels, delicates, and exercise clothes. Declan's clothes are kept in his room in a container next to his changing table. 

                                                           Declan's Nursery
See blog on this topic {Here


Under Construction


Under Construction

Laundry and Laundry Room 

Under Construction 

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