Friday, October 4, 2013

Half Bath Spruce Up

Our half bath has not been a focus in our home. For a while, we didn't even use this bathroom because the toilet leaked and ruined our floors. But, don't guests need to use the restroom at times? I would think so even though using the restroom at someone else's house is sometimes uncomfortable. In France, asking to use the restroom in a private home has its own set of etiquette rules. {French Etiquette} Either way, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

I thought I should take a few minutes and restyle this space to make it a little more inviting. Yes, the loo does need to be inviting. Ha! And, it only took a few minutes. Of course, the wreath took 2 hours - long enough for me to watch what I thought would be a good movie that didn't end the way I thought it should. But, I didn't feel my time was as wasted because I did finish this wreath. Did I mention my husband was out of town the weekend I tackled this project? I also completed Declan's Birthday banner this same weekend. {Birthday Banner}

I really don't like the location of our half bath, but ideally it was the only place for it. While in school for design, placing a bathroom so close to the kitchen wasn't such a good idea. Who wants to go to the bathroom as a guest while the host is preparing food right outside?? But, the reality is that we live in suburbia- cookie cutter or Gingerbread Houses as I have heard them called. They are all just alike and have very little charm unless you add it on your own. My goal is to add as much charm as possible so you don't feel you are in your neighbor's house when you walk in.

Well, I guess that is enough from the soap box. On to the restyling.

I was excited to do something in this bathroom. Just a little something - not too much.

The bathroom was already painted - Valspar Oregon Coast 6007-1C. I like this color - neutral enough to change the color scheme often if needed. We also recently had the toilet and floor repaired. Yuck!!

The Before (this bathroom has changed several times)

Art by Me and Panel from
Candle Holders (A Gift)

Drapery (Made by Me) 

New Art (I sold the other painting)

It was bare and with only the essentials. It really needed something since our guests do use this bathroom when they visit.

The After

Wreath (see note about why it isn't hung yet)
  • New hand towels to bring in some more color (Home Goods at $6 each). I liked the gunmetal grey in these towels. Notice the mixing of patterns- stripe and graphic with a few of the same colors represented. 
  • Two candle holders and candles that were moved from our Master Bath to our Bedroom and now to this bathroom (Had already) The candles bring in the golden color from the art and new towels.
  • A green glass bowl bought on one or our trips (it is for planting, but I filled it with stones and used it to hold the soap) I also had the stones already. The soap came from Home Goods. It is all Organic Lavender. (See note below on the soap)
  • Coffee Filter Wreath {Inspiration} I followed her basic instructions, but I used straight pens instead of the hot glue gun. This made the individual filters less permanent so I could move them around or change them out if I wanted to later. I used a 14" straw wreath form that was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby. I still need to hang this. I am looking for that perfect width and color of the gunmetal grey ribbon to tie it up with and haven't had any luck finding it yet : ( And, on second thought, I should've used all white with a few natural and colored filters. The natural against the wall color seems to blend too much. But, I may add more white later. This wreath took a complete pack of brown filters (200) from Publix. And, some white ones. 
  • The rug is a bamboo rug with a brown border (because of our two dogs, this was a nice choice and it is natural) $14.99 at Home Goods, but I have had it for a while
  • Art from Home Goods $30
SIDE NOTE ON SOAP: In our home, not only because we were faced with infertility as well as some health issues with me, we have slowly tried to eliminate chemicals and other environmental pollutants from our home. You will notice the candles have never been burned. I don't burn candles anymore unless they are wax only that will not release chemicals (I haven't gotten around to doing the research and replacing these candles : ( But, the soap was a steal at Home Goods (I love this store). It was $2.99. 

The soap brand is: Earth Friendly Products
This is their website: or 

This is what is on the label: "Free of Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, GMOs, Phosphates, Chlorine, Ammonia, Biodegradable, and pH Neutral". It also carries the following seals: Recyclable, No animal ingredients, U.S EPA (Recognized for Safer Chemistry). It is also septic safe - greywater system safe ( I had to look this one up?). {What is Greywater?}

What this space still needs: 
  • Blinds on the windows (I feel uncomfortable using the bathroom here and always release the drapery panel while in there)
  • Possibly new window treatments with more color and pattern ( I like the fabric below) 

  • A new Mirror either with edging to the current mirror or a new mirror found from a store such as Home Goods. The only thing keeping me from replacing the mirror completely is the disaster that can and will be caused to the drywall from removing the current mirror. {Tutorial}
From House of Smiths (see link above) 

Well, that is it for now. I will post another photo of the whole bathroom after I get the wreath hung. hopefully soon.

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