Thursday, November 14, 2013

Has it really been a year already? Happy Birthday, Declan!!

Although we celebrated early for family and friends, today is our dear little boy's first birthday! He officially turned one at 5:30 this morning. This day has brought back a flood of memories. It doesn't seem that very long ago that we were throwing essentials into our suitcases and struggling through the airport with an empty carrier on our way to meet our son. People kept asking, "Where is the baby?" And, we beamed as we said, "We are going to meet him."

We knew from the moment that God led us to adoption that our child was waiting for just the right time to make himself known. We made the decision in March, 2012 and by July, 2012, we were contacted by a birth mother. God is great, isn't He? The timeline, when we look back on everything, began the day we followed God's will for our lives. Our birth mother found out she was pregnant in the same month we made our decision to complete the paperwork for adoption!!!

It was a whirlwind trip. We got the call the night before. He was born early that morning and we were on a plane to meet him. We met our son for the first time that afternoon. A few days later, we were able to dress him in his tiny PJs and carry him from the hospital. Gary carried the carrier and I walked arm in arm, both of us crying, with his mom. We loaded him into the car and began our journey as we followed his birth mom out of the parking lot.

Gary drove because the tears refused to stop flowing! I sat in the back seat and reached for his tiny little hand. When his fingers closed around mine, my heart melted and I knew he was mine. One day he would say mama and my heart would melt again.

There have been hard days, sleepless nights, sickness and stress. But, the joy I feel every day when I go into his room to get him and see that beautiful smile - everything else in the world seems to disappear. We could not be more blessed to have him call us mom and dad (BaBa).

Happy Birthday to one special little boy!

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I will be adding a few pictures from his party soon along with his 12 month photos. We were unsuccessful with the cake smash photos. Apparently, our son is afraid of cake!! LOL.

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