Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guest Bathroom - Declan's Bathroom

Up until this time, our second upstairs bathroom has served as a guest bathroom.  When we planned the placement of the nursery, we kept this bathroom as a guest bathroom since it is adjacent to the guest bedroom.

However, I have been scheming in my head lately trying to decide if this bathroom should get a makeover to be a wonderful little boy's bathroom for Declan or if it should stay a guest bathroom. I have the decorating itch since my husband's parents are coming to visit soon and they have never been to our house. {This is a long overdue post! His parents came and really enjoyed their visit.}

Right now, because of space, our little man is bathed in our large Master bathtub.  But, in the future, the guest room will become his "big boy" (Sniff!) room and he will not longer bathe in our bathroom.

Hence, the scheming.  Well, here are my many ideas.  In the next weeks, (yes, with a nearly one year old in the house it will take weeks) we will have the reveal.

So far, these are my ideas along with our paint choice.  There was a great paint sale of 35% off at Sherwin Williams this past weekend - isn't that a great excuse to paint something.  I thought so too!!

MAIN GOAL: A bathroom that can be fun and convenient for our little man, but also comfortable for our guests (and perhaps, God willing, serve as a bathroom for a second child as well- girl or boy). And, a redo that is CHEAP!!

I have played around with different ideas for shower curtains.  Should they be double to look more fancy for guests? Should it be a single for ease of bathing Declan?  Should I buy outdoor fabric and make my own or just find cute sheets and hang a waterproof liner at the back?

These were some great ideas I found in my search:

  • Hang two curtains on either side to make it look more upscale
  • Create your own curtain from a bed sheet/duvet and use grommets to hang
  • Paint a solid color fabric with stripes
  • Add a design or image with paint
My Solutions
  1. Single curtain using the shower hooks I already had (CHEAPEST); I may still go back and add an image with paint, but that will be later. The shower curtain came from Home Goods and was $19.99. The hooks came from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I have had them a long time. 
        Why? The space is small already and one curtain could be pulled easily to the side. I also had to keep the plastic liner in.

White Shower Curtain/Colorful Hooks

   2. Paint Color: Sherwin Williams (The color is not the truest in the photos- it is a bright blue).

      Why? This color will work for boy or guests.  A plus is that it isn't too "boyish" just in case this bathroom may also make room for a girl or boy (we aren't picky) in the future - God willing.

   3. Organization: I LOVE this idea!! Declan is quickly adding toys to his bag and there isn't a lot of space in his small bath. This will be put in place when we transition him to the smaller tub.
Completed kids bath tub organization!
4. Accessories:
      Hand Towels: FREE I registered for these and received them as a gift when Declan came home. They came from Target. Gotta love Target!!

Circo® Ducks Cotton Hand Towel - 28x16"

     Large Towels: These came from Wal-Mart for $3.99 each. They were the perfect color.
Towels (Could've been white, but....)

      Rug: From Home Goods for $12.99. I bought it hoping the color would be perfect. Brought it home and it matched the towels exactly!

Comfy Rug

      Artwork: Photo of Declan taken by our Photographer. Thanks Hannah!! Painted rubber duckies by me. The frame is a dark blue and came from Home Goods clearance. I plan to paint it when I get the chance.

Photo of Declan in Tub

Rubber Duckie Art by Anna

      Canvas Bins for towels: Home Goods. The small one was $7.99 and the larger one was $12.99. They were a splurge.

Towel Bins

      Toothbrush holder:  This is a sanitizing toothbrush holder. They retail for $30.00, but we are routine visitors to the site called They have daily deals and we were able to get this one for a 1/3 of the price!! It doesn't match the decor of the bathroom, but it does its job perfectly.
VIOlife Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Hi Ya
    Organization: Blue basket from the Dollar Store and Yellow bucket from Clever Container. 

Soap and Toys

  5. Medicine Cabinet: This cabinet was only $20 on clearance from Target. I had a coupon for             FREE shipping and I used part of a gift card I already had. So, it really didn't cost me          
      anything.WooHoo! The medicine cabinet may too large so I would've gone smaller in          

     The blue "baskets" of felt came from the dollar bins at Target (I originally bought these for the        nursery). They hold Q-Tips and medicine dispensers. The yellow ducks came from          
     YeYe. {Hong Kong Duck Art}.

Medicine Cabinet

I love how this bathroom turned out. The color especially.

Things I would like to add to make this bathroom a little better:
1. Frame the mirror

New Bathroom (It was hard to get a good lighting)

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