Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scarf Holder: My Attempt at Being "Pinterest" Worthy

Recently, a friend came to me to ask for an organizational solution for her daughter. Her daughter, like many women/girls these days, has a large collection of scarves. The scarves lived in a pile in the top of her closet.

I searched Pinterest and the Internet for ideas and ran across the following post on Pinterest from "Live a Little Wilder" blog. This was my inspiration. There is no shame in borrowing an idea when it is fabulous--in my opinion.


 1 Pallet {Thanks to my hubby who scavenged one from his work}
 White Paint {Leftover from painting the nursery}
Aqua Paint {Leftover from a previous project}
 Paint brushes {I like Purdy}
Hooks/knobs {Hobby Lobby @ 50% off} 
Sawtooth Picture hangers {2}

 Electric drill with drill bits and attachable screwdriver bits
Kreg Jig {A birthday gift from my hubby's friend}

  • Separate the wood from the pallet {Hubby still does this for me} At 5'. ____ pounds, using power tools takes a little more effort on my part!! Smile. 
  • Lay the pieces out in a pattern {I staggered the wood} and then use a pencil to mark where you want to trim the pieces for the look you want. Number them with a pencil on the back. 
  • Use the saw to make your cuts **NOTE: Always use safety glasses and cut on the outside of the line you make. Measure twice, cut once. 
  • Use the base color paint {White in this case} and dry brush the paint onto the wood-- this gives it a little bit of an aged look 

  • If you want to add a second color, wait for the first coat to dry and use the same dry brush method to add in the color {A greenish blue in this case}. The client has white furniture and touches of turquoise with other accessories in her room. 
  • Use the Kreg Jig to connect the wood on the back. This makes a the connection invisible from the front of the piece and it is a strong attachment.
Kreg Jig Holes

  • Use the drill bits to drive pilot holes for the knobs you will use {Several sizes of bits were used since the screws on the knobs were different sizes}
  • Attach the knobs/hooks with screws using the electric screwdriver and appropriate bits. A variety of knobs/hooks were used. Try to get hooks and knobs that will hold bulkier scarves. Some of these hooks would also hold more than one scarf. 
  • Add two pieces of wood vertically to the back {These pieces keep the screws from hitting the wall and keep the piece flush so it doesn't lean away from the wall when hung} 
Vertical Supports

  • Add picture hangers {Steel Sawtooth Hangers}
Picture Hooks

  • Hang 
  • Add scarves 
Finished Product

Happy Client!!

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