Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Uncharted Territory...

Well, I guess I have now joined the world of bloggers. Facebook just wasn't going to get the job done for me. Please be patient with me as I learn as I go so to speak. The purpose of this blog is to show my artwork and perhaps sell a few pieces, provide step by step tutorials of crafts and DIY projects I have completed, to offer articles with money saving tips, and to showcase my own home which is continuously changing as it is a work in progress.

On this blog in the near future, readers will be able to see pictures of my newest redo - my first dresser redo which I am super proud of and which now has a home in our entryway. And, I must say is serving its purpose well. And, my newest venture... adventures in baby land as I create a space for the newest addition to our home arriving soon through domestic adoption.

I must say that I am most likely going to LOVE LOVE LOVE blogging as I love to design and decorate and I absolutely do love to write. Oh, and I have always taken pictures of my projects as I do them so hopefully they will be detailed enough for even the newest DIYer to follow.

If you are interested, my style tends to be a little classic and country with a little modern thrown in since I just can't choose between the two. I love old wood, the smell of new wood and rejuvenating and repurposing items. I say the more the uses for an item-- the better!!

Stay tuned!!!

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