Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vintage Medication Storage

After reorganizing our kitchen cabinets to make more room for our new addition's items, I decided I needed a new place to store our medication. So ensued the search for a container. Yes, I am first and foremost a supporter of anything Clever Container since I am a consultant. But, as usual, I already had in mind the image of what I wanted and Clever Container offers wonderful solutions, but not anything to fit this bill.

What did I want? Something VINTAGE- a tin of some sort. I am a lover of all things old. If they have that certain smell to them--- you fellow lovers of everything vintage know exactly what I am talking about-- then I usually like them. My husband, not so much. His take on VINTAGE is that it's just old!! Ha!! For me vintage and that smell reminds me of my grandmothers- both of them.

I enjoyed my childhood because I was lucky enough to grow up with both of my grandmothers around. I remember trips to the grocery store and sitting in the back of "Mamaws" car and spending time at her house for sleepovers. I remember the armoire she had in her bedroom which is why my son now has one in his nursery. I remember the claw footed tub in my other grandmother's home as well, but I haven't gotten one YET.

So, for me a great day would be strolling the isles of a thrift store looking for unique items that I can use in my home that would mix well with the more modern tastes of my husband.

This is what I had in mind. I am not sure where I had seen them before, but I had this image in my head. I did some research and discovered that this was called Enamelware because companies began coating metal pots and pans with enamel to prevent rusting (19th century). The problem with these pots and pans was that they could chip and rust, but they were easy to clean. They were also lightweight. White was a standard color and the edges were often red or blue. Because enamelware was prone to chipping, it was replaced with the speckled Graniteware which was patented in 1848 by New York inventor Charles Stumer. You can read the complete article here on Collector's Weekly.


Well, I did the strolling this week. I went to a local store that has booths set up for different vendors and they are full of everything from old farm equipment to upscaled furniture. I looked high and low and sipped on my coffee pushing my son's stroller as he slept. I found a couple of the vintage Enamelware pots that were the standard white with the navy blue rim. They had lids but they weren't that deep and they were pricey so I passed (we are after all on a strict budget). I left a little disappointed, but I was determined to find something.

Granted, we really don't have a lot of medications at all. We do take a lot of vitamins which I keep in the kitchen still, but we don't have a lot of medication. Instead, we take herbal supplements, drink medicinal teas, try alternative natural methods. We eat pretty well and we really don't get sick that often. The medications we do have include allergy and cold remedies and one bottle of Tylenol. So, it all fits nicely in a smaller container. The original container being a shoe box sized Tupperware with a lid.

So, the search ensued again. I had also seen something I liked on a Pinterest search through one of my favorite bloggers, I Heart Organizing. She had a link to a similar tin at Oriental Trading Company.

I also LOVE the idea of actually having a medicine tin that looks like it is a medicine tin with the Red Cross look to it. You can find these here at The Land of Nod. I like both of these and the one at The Land of Nod is tall so it would accommodate taller bottles, but at $40 it is a little pricey for something to be hidden away in a closet. I may still purchase this or something similar at a later date to house band-aids and Neosporin when little man gets older. That way it can sit on the counter in all of its glory.

The Land of Nod
But, for now, drumroll please......I have found my solution.

Hubby was off today since it was Good Friday (perk of working for a great company). Since my laundry room redo is in the works, we decided to pack up little man and head to one of my favorite stores-- IKEA. {We were very excited we could now park in family parking. Eight years, many doctors later, and one wonderful and successful adoption later and we were excited to be able to park in family parking at IKEA.}

Anywho, the Piece de Resistance was found at IKEA none the less. I took photos since I couldn't find an image for this product anywhere on IKEA'S website??? I guess maybe it is a new product. Not sure, but here it is anyway. 

A set of 3 tins with lids for $18.99. They have a rounded look which fits right into the nice curves of the 1950s Art Deco look I love and they are tin. They are difficult to open which is good for medication storage (although it will be kept away from little man's reach). They are also in a great color- kind of a sage green. You can also get them in white or a greyish blue. I wish I would've thought to take pictures of all three colors. Oh well- excuse to go back to IKEA. So, the price was right and I couldn't resist. Here they are- the SNIKA storage set from IKEA. I added measurements, but it is a little harder with the rounded edges. 

Larger Tin (9" L x 12" L x 6" H)
Two Smaller Tins (8" L x 5.5" W x 5" H)

Our Medicine Fits Nicely

 The two smaller tins are being used in two different places around the house. For now, one tin will house our little man's thermometer, gas drops and Infant Tylenol which we rarely if ever use.

The second smaller tin will house my customer cards for my Clever Container business.

Let's just say I was super excited after leaving IKEA today. I also purchased a few containers for my freezer and a couple of bibs for little man. 

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