Thursday, April 4, 2013

Clever Container Products Back in Stock YAY!!

The following products are now Back in Stock after a brief hiatus:

The Double Duty is GREAT since it comes in a SET of  2. The size is PERFECT because they also fit inside the cubby type shelves from IKEA and other retail stores. There are also handles on both sides for easy labeling.

Double Duty
 The Stuff It is a wonderful product and VERY versatile. If you like animal print, this is the one item you should own! It also comes in Green Dot for those of you not so into the Jungle prints.

Stuff It in Leopard
The Great Divide serves much the same purpose as the Stuff It only with two dividers instead of the many that the Stuff It provides.
Great Divide in Leopard
 If you are traveling anywhere this summer- even to the pool- this is the bag for you. It is water proof, has a zippered enclosure and will hold a ton of items without straining the handles. This is a great item for summer camp, sleepovers, trips to grandmas, trips to the beach along with many other uses. It comes in Blue or Pink. I used this large bag along with our Clever Cache on a recent trip to Mississippi. We ordered a box for the top of our car and it didn't come so I had to think fast about how to get clothes and items for two people, one baby and two dogs into our car for a comfortable trip. I packed all of our clothes and toiletry items into the Clever Cache bags and stuck them into the Stow N Go. Everything fit and we had room to spare.

The Clever Cache has become my go to item for packing. No pump needed. Fill the bags (they come in a set of 5) with clothes and then mash the air out and close. The air stays out and they do not refill with air later. LOVE this product.

Stow N Go in Blue

Stow N Go in Pink 

Larger items like jeans and shirts were folded and placed in the bottom

Small Clever Cache for PJs and my Unmentionables 

Large Clever Cache for all of Little Man's clothes and other items

Small Clever Cache for Hubby's Items

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