Thursday, April 10, 2014

Playroom Dreams {A place to play and learn}

For now, our playroom is in what was intended as our dining room. We do have space upstairs for a playroom if we did away with our guest room, but placing D's playroom where it is has two advantages:

1. We still have room for guest(s) [ie family from out of town]
2. D is much easier to watch downstairs where I can also do a few chores
3. It is open, but we were able to enclose with gates for a safe place for him to play (without the dogs interrupting)

Playroom Now

Having the playroom in the dining room does present a few design issues. For one, our dining room is completely open to the front door so lots of toys = messy unwelcoming entryway. This is not okay since the entryway is supposed to the the spot people see when they come in that makes them want to kick off their shoes and stay awhile.

As you can see from the photos above, many of the toys are just lined up around the room or are in large bags. The canvas bag with the "Moose" came from Home Goods, the grey felt bag from Target and the Lion chair from Costco.

Secondly, we have a baby gate to keep Declan separate from our two dogs while he is playing. This, along with the entry dresser causes a tunnel effect and really makes getting in and out of the front door a challenge at times.

So, here is what I envision for this space to help alleviate some of these issues:

A. Cameron Storage Wall {Shelving/Storage}and IKEA Expedit Shelf {IKEA Expedit} (this will be moved to his big boy room at some point)
B. Seating Floor Pillow/Poufs {Pillow} {Poufs} {Adult Seating} {Adult Seating/Extra Guest Bed}
C. Table{Table and Chairs}
D. Wall Art - envisioning world maps and bright art
E. Bins - you have to keep things organized - to an extent {Bins}
F. Flooring {Floor Tiles} {Carpet Tiles}
G. Organization for Learning
H. {Possibly} Barn Doors {Barn Doors}
I.   Accessories {Globes}

We don't want anything too permanent on the walls since this room will at some point become a dining room again. So, here it VISION.

A  Container Store Smart Store System {Container Store}
B  IKEA Raskog Rolling Cart {Art Cart}
C  IKEA Knappa Pendant Light {Current Lighting} **Note: We got this same fixture at Lowe's
D  DIY Canvas Rug {Rug}
E  DIY or Buy Floor Pouf {Land of Nod} {DIY}
F  Pillows {Serina and Lily} and {Land of Nod "D"} or {Serina and Lily Initial Pillow} Pottery           Barn also has some Initial Pillows
G  IKEA Latt Children's Table and Chairs {Table and Chairs}
H  Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs {Comfort Swivel Rocker} or {Sleeper Chair}
I   Pottery Barn Cameron Shelving {Cameron Creativity Center}
J  Chalkboard for Daily/Weekly Scripture and Map Wall Art {USA Wall Art}
K DIY Book Storage and Target Tote Storage {2Sisters2Cities Rolling Cart} {Canvas Basket Navy}

If you went to all of these links and added up the costs, it is WAY more than we can afford. But, there is hope! Here is how we have and will cut costs.

  • I have always LOVED the IKEA cart, but I have a two tier rolling cart from a flea market $30 that I can spruce up a bit and use as an art cart. 
  • DIY Floor Pillows - we were given 3 very large pillows from a friend who was moving back overseas. We have carted these burgundy pillows from state to state and apartment to apartment and somehow they survived the move to our current home. They will be slipcovered and used as floor pillows {I have cute fabric from IKEA I have had for a while}
  • Wall Storage Unit - If you haven't checked out Ana White, you should! Gary and I are in the process of building this unit now (he more building and me more painting I should say) {Ana White}
  • Seating - We were given a glider and ottamen for the nursery that will most likely be reupholstered again and find its way into this space. I will save for a swivel recliner for the next baby (fingers crossed) {Decorating the Nursery for Adoption}
  • The art will be DIY for sure. I have some ideas for artwork that I will paint and I love the idea of the state map on canvas - pretty easy DIY project. 
  • Flooring - We already have the rubber interlocking tiles down so those will stay for the meantime, but if the playroom is ever moved upstairs to a carpeted area, there will also be an area rug added to protect the carpet
  • Save, save, save!! Wipes containers, plastic or metal formula container, baby food plastic containers with tops -- all of these make great art supply containers. 
  • I would also LOVE to have barn doors over this opening to the playroom, but the hanging equipment is expensive. If we stay in this house for the long haul, we will be doing this using farm supplies and building the doors ourselves to save money. 

So there you have it! As soon as the shelving is built and painted and finds its way into the space, I will get it all organized for the unveiling!! Hopefully this will be sooner than later, but we lead the busy lives of working parents of a toddler so..... 

New Fab Playroom Coming Soon! I will add the link here when it is finished. 

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