Thursday, April 24, 2014

Playroom Mini Update

Loving the shelving already in place in the playroom. Thanks to a great hubby who is handy with a saw. And, I always check the Clearance aisles when I go to Target. You never know what great finds are waiting there!! The blue baskets were a score!! Target Clearance aisle. Originally $21 each. I purchased them for $7.00 each for a total of $14. One holds balls right now and the other is holding blocks.

Target Baskets {Clearance}
Pottery Barn Shelving 

Shelving by Gary 
We have to still add the doors to the bottom portion and one more shelf will be in the playroom by the end of the week after the backing is added.

Very excited about the progress. I also have painting a rolling cart {Will repaint a color other than yellow} to add as art storage and making pillow covers using some IKEA fabric I purchased a while back on my TO DO list. I still love the IKEA cart since the sides come up and would prevent supplies from rolling or falling off, but my flea market find will do for now.

Flea Market Rolling Cart
IKEA Cart I would Love to Have

IKEA Fabric
Stay tuned for the finished product. More to come.

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