Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth of July Fun {And a little something extra}

Usually, decorating for each and every holiday is not a priority at our house. Christmas is the exception to the rule and Thanksgiving to an extent.

But, this year, Gary will be sworn in as a US Citizen!! Hooray for the USA and Gary!!! His birthday also falls on the 17th of July. So, we are going to celebrate the 4th on the 4th and then celebrate Gary's birthday and Citizenship a couple of weeks later.

What better excuse to get crafty? I thought these were great excuses to decorate for the 4th since Gary's party will have a Red, White, Blue USA theme.

First Project for the Party 
{4th of July Themed}

Wreath for the Door

  • Wooden picture frame {I had a boring brown one that I could've spray painted white, but I liked the look of the burlap}
  • Ribbon in a variety of patterns/colors
  • Small Grapevine Wreath 
  • Scrapbook Paper 
  • Cardstock or cardboard {for back support}
  • Glue Gun 
  • Scissors 

From Delia Creates {4th of July Wreath} 
I loved the simplicity, the vintage charm and the red/white/blue

From Blue Cricket Design {Square Wreath}
I liked the bright colors and the hanging feature of the Christmas ornaments in the center

Step 1: Go hunting ~ my goal was to spend $0 mula on this project
Step 2: Gather all supplies at the kitchen table and get busy {After little man was snoring of course}
Step 3: Step back and ooh and ahh, take pictures and send it to blogland!! 

Voila'!! My Version

Star Background
Red/White Stripe Background

What do you guys think? Red and White Stripe Background or Colorful Stars Background? Voting is now open. 

Have a Happy and SAFE 4th of July from our home to yours!! 

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