Thursday, July 24, 2014

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Over the last year or so, Gary and I have been discussing options on home ownership. The home we are currently living in is/was a starter home and our plan was to stay for at least 5 years. With the market changing (and our having been in our home for almost 8 years), we have been thinking on what to do next. Our family has grown through adoption and we hope to grow it more with more child(ren). With all of our family living out of state and overseas, we often run out of bunking space when everyone visits. We are close to say the least.

In the meantime (while we determine our next steps), we have also decided to update our home a little. Nothing like viewing new builds to know that your home is a little outdated even if it was a new build when you moved in. So, the planning {and scheming on my part} began. Hubby is all about projects these days and he is a wonderful carpenter and mathematician. I sometimes feel I have my own design show with him in the house. It is great to have a vision and someone there by your side to make it a reality!! I love you honey - you better be reading this. Ha!!

We began with our Master Bath and I will be posting photos of that soon. We are now on to our Master Bedroom. YAY!!! The OASIS I have dreamed of forever is finally becoming a reality. 

Here is what I envision the finished product to look like: 

  • Paint the walls a darker color {Behr Antique Tin PPU18-3} PAINT PURCHASED!!!
  • Add Board and Batten in White WE HAVE THE TOOLS FOR THAT!!
  • Add "NEW" lighting over the reading nook DIY in Progress!
  • Add "NEW" lighting beside the beds DIY {this may find its way into our new home if we move}
  • Draperies ALREADY in PLACE {Current Drapes}
  • Add a few new pieces of art {We currently have a couple of Asian watercolors that will be staying in the room} along with a couple of new Equestrian pieces. I LOVE these from the Etsy stores {ApplesAndOats and EyePoetryPhotography}
  • Add a large floor length mirror and perhaps seating at the end of the bed 
  • NEW BEDDING! YAY! I am in LOVE with Pottery Barn's McKenna Collection which is part of The Indigo Collection. The colors are vibrant Indigo along with a khaki to match the chair fabric, tans, greys, and greenish blues. The colors in this bedding will make the greenish blue of the drapery pop and will add a interest and richness to an otherwise neutral grey palette. 
A few other projects may find their way into the room like reupholstering our current sleigh bed, but I am not sure about that yet. 

Here is a current photo of our MASTER BEDROOM: 

What I love: 
Size of the room is perfect with the high ceiling
Lots of natural light 
Our furniture which was a present to ourself when we were married 

Hope to have this project underway soon after school is back in session!!! 

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