Monday, February 2, 2015

Let's Get Cozy ~ Parachute Home

Disclaimer: This is a post featuring Parachute Home. All opinions are 100% my own.

As someone who sees snow as a beautiful sight - from indoors that is- I was excited when I was approached by Parachute Home to write a blog post on what it means for me to get cozy during the winter months.

Growing up in the south, Mississippi to be exact, there wasn't ever really a need to celebrate the seasons - all four of them I mean. We had two seasons, “Boiling Hot”  where you developed that little sweat mustache as soon as you cracked your front door in the morning, if you even dared.

Our second season was what you might refer to as “A Little Cooler” which meant we needed a light jacket- maybe a sweatshirt in football season or a heavier coat. On the off chance that we had an ice storm or a little dusting of snow, you know the times that the entire state shuts down in panic and school is cancelled for weeks (insert Northern snicker here), we did bundle up a little more. 

So, all of that being said, it wasn't until my husband and I made the move to Georgia that we even knew what it meant to have more than two seasons per year. I know, I know still in the south, but we actually do get a few of the seasons here. 

The first winter here we realized we didn't have the proper wardrobe. We ended up buying gloves, scarves, sweaters, boots and good coats. We also bought a home with a fireplace which is AWESOME!

But, all of these things were not enough for me to become a lover of all things winter. Can I say irritation at having to try to layer a shirt with a sweater (that might just be me, I don’t know) and dry itchy skin, dry hair and static electricity. Throw two hairy dogs in that ball of yarn and you've got enough electricity to power a small light fixture.

There are some people who love the snow and colder climates. I will say that I do love some aspects of the colder weather a few months out of the year. The clothes really are cute in winter. Who doesn't love wearing tall boots, boot socks, chunky infinity scarves and gloves all to match? Having short hair, I have to say I also really learned to love hats.

But, it isn't the clothes that make me the most comfy in winter. 

As soon as the weather begins to get cooler, I begin not to dream of boots and sweaters (although they do look so super cute for a run to the Starbucks drive through), but of hibernation.  That is a human thing right? Oh well, the bears can have their caves, I will take the sofa!

So here it is—what is my idea of comfort on a cold winter’s day? I love to stay indoors. Since we have a fireplace, that is a must on super cold days. To truly appeal to the ultimate level of comfort (in my opinion that is), one must appeal to all of the senses at once.

The sound of the fireplace crackling and the warmth it provides. There is something soothing about it and relaxing.

Along with the crackling fire, a nice cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon on top warms the tongue and reminds us of bonfires and s'mores.  Sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace is not very comfortable, but in our house, we like to pile pillows and blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace and curl up together. Down filled pillows and cashmere blankets are perfect for this cold weather cuddling.

It is at times like these we skip all of the fluff of the winter wardrobe and just settle for our most comfy PJs and warm socks. No need for a scarf and hat here. Unless of course you want to wear your mittens as a barrier from your hot cocoa mug!

Here are a few items from Parachute Home that could find there way into our home on a cold winter's day. Parachute Home is a newer bedding company that offers quality cozy products for a really affordable price.

Striped Cashmere Throw in Pearl and Desert Sand

Scented Candle Fireside 

 Linen Decorative Pillow in Agate

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