Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tourist Attractions: Noah's Ark and Hong Kong Cable Car Ride

Noah's Ark 

Noah's Ark was our first tourist stop on our trip. It was quite cloudy this day so we weren't able to take in the Solar Tower and we spent most of our visit eating lunch at the buffet and viewing the amphibians inside. Declan loved the Chameleon.

This tourist area offers a hotel and buffet as well as the venue itself and shopping. The walk from the transportation stop to the Ark is nice as well with a lot of little shops and food venues.

Hong Kong Ngong Ping Cable Car Ride 

This was an awesome ride. We rode public transportation to get to Ngong Ping and then waited in line (a long line so make sure you have something to keep any little ones happy). We ended up buying the round trip tickets along with the boat ride in the fishing village. We opted for the round trip tickets over the glass bottom cars (I was very happy about this since I am fearful of heights).

The cable car ride up to the Buddha was a long one. But, Declan loved it. He stood on the seat the whole time and looked out of the window. It was very cloudy (granted this was February, but the humidity was high) the day we went so we didn't see a lot on the way up, but by the time we left the sun was out full force and we had an awesome view!

From the cable car, we could see the Hong Kong Airport, the landscape, and the new bridge from Hong Kong Island to Macau.

Trip Up

Not Fearful Of Heights At all

Clear Afternoon Skies Beautiful

We Could See Everything From Up Here on the Way Back 

After getting off of the cable car, we walked around the village shops and hiked to the top of the hill to see the brass Big Buddha and Lon Po Monestary. To the top of the Buddha is 268 steps. The hike is well worth it when you arrive at the top and look down to see the hills and ocean views. Incense was burning everywhere. There are also cows roaming free on the road and dogs everywhere off leash. They are safe, but petting or feeding them is not something you should do. We were also able to walk through the temple and see the kneeling spots of the monks. The monks weren't that happy that all of the tourist areas were added, but they do receive monies from people there.

The Village

Declan and Sook Sook (Chinese term for Uncle)

Buddhist Tree 

Dogs Were Everywhere (They had inner peace as well!)


New Year's Incense 

Lon Po Monastery

View From the Top

Gary's dad also wears Buddhist beads around his wrists which he was able to "recharge" while we were there. He wears them as a sort of protection. He paid his respects to the Buddha and believes he receives more protection from this process. Inside of the beads are 6 strands. One time, his dad says, that all 6 strings broke and he knew something bad was going to happen. Someone was robbing taxis. Gary's dad is a taxi driver.

After seeing the Buddha and the Monastery, we traveled by taxi (you could take a bus) down the hill to the fishing village. We walked around the little village and then rode a speed boat out into the water where we were able to see the famous Pink Chinese Dolphins. You can also see the historic Tai O Heritage Hotel which resides in the restored Tai O Police Station.

Barely Make Out the Pink Chinese Dolphins

Our little man was kept busy while we climbed up to the Buddha by his YeYe and bubbles. Having someone at the base to watch any small children is a must. The boat ride was his favorite and he finally fell asleep at this point on his YeYe's lap to the bouncing of the waves.

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