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Top 10: Drawer Designer

 Top 10: Drawer Designer 

The next item in my Top 10 Favorite Clever Container products is the DRAWER ORGANIZER.

When I first began with Clever Container, I really thought my home was super organized (even though it was and still is a daily process of doing and redoing to find the best solutions). But, having a newborn in the house has greatly changed my perspectives on organizing. It is very difficult to even get out of the door in the morning without forgetting something.

If you read one of my past posts on the DRESSER REDO, you will see I ended up using it in our entryway as a place to store items we would always need before leaving home. Over a short time period, this quickly became a 9 drawer junk collector.

This is when I realized that having an organized home doesn't just include areas people see and the kitchen, but also areas people don't see-- such as drawers. This is why I LOVE the Drawer Designer.

Drawer Designer: 

The Drawer Designer comes in 3 different sizes -- Medium, Small and large (the large has its own dividers. These items are a steal because they are inexpensive and you get more than one in each package. 

Drawer Designer- Medium (12x6x3)
Item # 0215 
$10.00 for a set of 2

Drawer Designer- Small (12x4x3)
Item #0216
$10.00 for a set of 3

Drawer Designer Combo 
Item #0217
$30.00 for the set

Includes 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large

These Drawer Dividers are marketed in the catalog as closet and drawer dividers for clothing, but they are so much more!!! I could find a place for these Drawer Organizers for every area of my home. Here are some examples using our front entryway DRESSER.

Thank You Cards
Basic Office Supplies
Used the smallest Case by Case (Item #0809-Mrn) 
to hold cards, the lid holds stamps 
and smaller notepads. The original Thank You
 Card box holds tape, calculator and mini stapler. 

Items: travel hand sanitizer, tissues, bug spray, lint roller, sunglasses, MP3 player and IPods with speakers, car chargers
Medium Drawer Organizer- Sunglasses, Small Drawer Designers- 1. gum 2. music devices and chargers, 3. Travel tissues and hand sanitizer along with bug repellant
Lint roller moved to the car.

I ran out of the Drawer Designer for this drawer, but I am going to get some more. These items include the dogs' grooming tools, harness and water bowls, bags, bandannas and medications. 


3 Small for smaller spices and 1 Medium for larger spices (another medium could still fit in front)

Larger Spices

I also decided to use the Drawer Designer in my Kitchen for spices. This cleared up much needed room in my pantry because I was able to put all of my spices together in one place. 

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who know me, I am trying to rid our home of unnatural things- many of these spices I know contain MSG and other harmful things. This drawer will have less room after I do my research on what to toss. 

The pantry doors have several of these racks. 


-desk drawer for staplers, notepads, markers, etc. 
-dresser drawer for rolled up tank tops or tights
-kitchen drawers for rolled kitchen linens
-pantry for washrags or hand towels
-utensils in kitchen drawers
-Hold kids remote controls for game systems

-add to drawers in bathroom for toothpaste, toothbrushes or other items that would/could drip water and ruin drawer bottoms
-utensils in the kitchen drawers

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