Friday, January 11, 2013

Why I Love Clever Container

When my husband and I decided for me to quit teaching, I was terrified. I knew the stress was a lot to deal with while pursuing fertility treatments, but I also worried that we would be taking a huge leap of faith letting go of my salary.

But, I DID KNOW something for sure. Whenever we got pregnant, I wanted to be able to stay at home with our child. We had tried so hard and for so long to grow our family and I couldn't bare the thought of then having to leave that child with a sitter or nanny. I know a lot of families take that route and I by no means condemn them for that. You do what is best for your family.

In our situation, Declan arrived 5 months before our 8 year wedding anniversary. Him being our first child, I wasn't ready to go back to work and leave him. It was a long road of trying naturally to get pregnant and failing, trying fertility treatments and failing and finally trying the adoption route--SUCCESS!! We planned for me to stay at home to be with him and it has worked out well.

That being said, we live on a strict budget and I really wanted to help contribute to our income. I did nanny for the first year after I quit teaching up until Declan arrived, but it wasn't feasible for me to continue as nanny when Declan was still so little. Although I do hold a teaching certificate for my state, I really didn't want to go back to teaching as it would not allow me the flexibility of being with our son. So, I decided to do a search of stay at home mom jobs. I discovered Clever Container. I was very excited. I also have a diploma in Residential Planning (I went back to school while teaching to complete my Interior Design training which I had begun in college- Interior Design was my first major). So, Clever Container was a perfect fit. I could sell items to help people organize their spaces as well as designing a beautifully organized space for them. It was perfect.

I absolutely LOVE my Drafting Table from Craigslist.
I use it for EVERYTHING!
With you now knowing what led me to Clever Container, I want to let you know about Clever Container itself. Clever Container is a company that creates and sells products strictly for organizing your home and automobiles. What I really love about the products is that the company is now trying to design and produce EXCLUSIVE products that you would not find other places. The prices are also less expensive on many items than you would find other places--  especially the products that come with 2-6 items in one package for one price. With a little creativity, most of the products can be used in a variety of areas throughout the home. That way, when you purchase something from Clever Container it becomes a versatile item that you can use for one purpose now and another purpose later as your needs change.

In the following 10 Blog Posts, I am going to introduce you to 10 Clever Container products that I really do LOVE.

My top 10 Clever Container products are:
1. Backseat Entertainment and Car Pocket (Auto)
2. Stuff It
3. Drawer Organizers
4. Over the Door Pantry Organizer
5. Fridge Cubes
6. Clever Bucket and Tuff Totes
7. Stow or Go
8. Clever Cache
9. Shoe File, Handbag File and Flip Flop Files
10. Bin Items for Pantry and Refrigerator

**It was very difficult to choose these top 10 because all of the products are wonderful, but these are the ten that I think will appeal to most of you. Check out the next blog for Item #1.

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