Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 10: Backseat Entertainment and Cargo Pocket

Both of these organizational items are EXCLUSIVE to Clever Container!!!

With our very busy lives, most of us live in our vehicles which makes them messy and unorganized. If you are like me, your car can tend to be cluttered with water bottles, cloth bags for shopping, tissue boxes and wipes, coupons and receipts, CDs, chargers, toys, etc. My husband hates riding in or driving my car because it has so much rolling around. I try to keep organized in the car, but it is difficult when you are on the move. And, if your car is anything like mine, the glove compartment and consoles just can't hold it all.

On the off chance I do have time to really clean my car, I tend to clean too much and then I get to the store without my bags or I forget something I need because I "cleaned".

Both of these products can help ELIMINATE the above mentioned problems. I LOVE these products now; especially since space is now limited with a carseat and stroller!!

Backseat Entertainment: Item #0105-GB (GB=Green Butterfly) The pattern did change from 2012. Size: 11Wx3Dx20H

This 8 pocket organizer has space for a standard tissue box, 3 pockets for CDs, games, books, DVD player and toys, and 4 smaller mesh pockets for gum, game cartridges, cards and crayons.

Some other uses for this item:  extra snacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, Tide pen, extra hair holders (for girls), dog leashes or snacks

Price: $25

Cargo Pockets: Item #0562-GB (GB=Green Butterfly) The pattern did change from 2012.Size: 13x46

Five handy pockets keep your car looking nice and organized. This includes three mesh pockets and two patterned pockets (behind the middle mesh pocket). 

This auto pocket is great because it hangs from the back seat of the car. This clears the space on the floor for groceries, stroller, or other large items you may need to carry with you. I like this tool because having an infant and having to carry a stroller really limits what I can keep in my trunk. 

Some uses for this item: bicycle helmet (as shown), skates (as shown), dog leashes/water bowl, sports equipment, cloth grocery bags, flashlight, portable rain slicker, disposable camera (for those moments you can't miss), first aid kit,  a bath towel (for the occasional muddy shoes or for wiping off wet playground equipment or dogs' feet)

For those with infants: an additional bottle, formula, extra diapers, additional bibs/burp clothes, clothes, wipes (thanks to my friend, Holly, for this suggestion- life saver)

This is also perfect for frequent trips to the pool in summer: swim diapers, beach towels, snacks, hats, sunscreen, pool toys, etc.

Price: $28

Other Clever Container car products available for Auto:

Car Hooks #0120
(Set of 2)
Car Pocket #0121-GB
No-Leak Litterbag #0560-GB
Swing Away #0413-BK (Black) and #0413-GB (Green Butterfly)
$25 and $30
Cargo Tote #0124-GB
This is perfect for those of you who shop Costco or other big box brand stores - fully collapses. 

Check back soon for pictures of some of these items being used in my own car!!! 

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