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Clever Container Products Great for Home Businesses

Clever Container has several products that would be very useful to other Home Run Businesses or Direct Sales Businesses or even people who travel a lot. The purpose of this blog is to point out which products are the best fit and why.

After holding several shows in other peoples' homes and lugging all of my business supplies around with me with multiple trips to the car, I decided it would be a great idea to get my own business organized. If you do hold shows in other peoples' homes and do have a lot of inventory or supplies, it can look like you don't have it all together if you have a hard time bringing in and setting up for the show.

If you appear to have it all together with your business, it will help entice people to perhaps want to work in the same business. At times, guests may not feel the business appeals to them when they see how much they need to keep up with and lug around. But, by being organized- you make it look fun and much easier.

Here are a few products from Clever Container that can help with other types of businesses. They are listed by product and how they can be used in different business types.

Sophisticated File Tote 

Item #0403

This very popular item offered in Pink, Red, and Jet is currently held up in production. 
It offers 4 standard letter-sized hanging file folders and smaller 
interior pockets for keys, phone, and accessories. 

Perfect for anyone who works on the go. 
-Social worker
-Real Estate Agent
-Insurance Adjuster
-Teachers would love this as well 

Card Cubby 

Item #0122 (black) #0123 (pink)

Alphabetized mini-card file. Holds approximately 80 cards.
Comes in black or pink. 5x3.

BUSINESS USES: You always meet other people who can be considered leads or potential customers when you are out and about or at Vendor or training events.  Keep their contact information in this convenient carrier. Don't miss out on future business opportunities. 

Stow N Go

Item # 0810-Pk and #0810-Bl

This bag is huge, but still lightweight. It comes in Pink (shown) or Blue.
 It is water-resistant. Holds its shape and stands with a flat bottom.
 And, has a zipper across the top. 

-Photographer: Carry backdrops and props with ease all in one bag
-Thirty-One: Carry all of your inventory in one place and use it to store bags in your home conveniently 
-This bag is also great if you make handmade scarves, etc to show at Vendor shows or Craft Fairs

Wonderful Bag

Item #0720

This bag is unique with two different strap lengths for an over the shoulder option. 
It is a deep bag with  6 deep pockets so it can be used for larger items. 
It has a durable bottom and can stand on its own with a leatherette reinforced bottom. 
Water Resistant with a secure zipper top. 

-Catalogs and business supplies can be carried with ease and style
-For Vendor Events, your IPad, Laptop and other Business items

Weather Or Not 

Item #0593-E

Water Resistant Cover for any E-Reader. The device has a strap so you can 
keep your device with you at Vendor Events and Home Shows. 
It also allows full functionality of the device through the cover. 
This will eliminate the chance that something will spill on your device. 

Document Boxes

Item #0213

Set of 5 durable boxes with labels
These boxes are sturdy, come in a plastic material that is waterproof. 
They are also stackable which keeps space at a premium.

-Scrapbooking business: Keep your supplies separated into different categories in these colorful boxes
-TAX SEASON: Are you scrambling to get all of your receipts and business expenses together? Keep your business tax papers organized all year with these convenient boxes. There are 5 so you can keep 5 years worth of business items in each. 

Swing Away 

Item #0413-Bk (black) and #0413-GB (green butterfly)

This item attaches to your car seat and can swing out of the way when not needed.
 Offers one large pocket for papers, magazines and folders and 5 
smaller pockets for your office on the go. Comes in Black and Green Butterfly (shown). 

-Serves as an office on the go
-Never be without extra order forms and catalogs when people ask you about your business 

Clever Bucket 

Item #0535 (Yellow), #0536 (Lime), #0537 (Sky)

Waterproof, nylon bucket that is fully collapsible into its own zippered carrying case. 
Comes in Yellow (shown), Lime and Sky. 2.9 gallons. 

-Waterproof carrier for bottles of water with your logo to offer at Vendor Events
-Contain all of your samples in one place (ie Mary Kay)
-A place for raffle prizes or goodie bags

-ADVERTISEMENT OPPORTUNITY:  The top of this Clever Bucket can be monogrammed with your business name, contact information and logo. Carry this bucket with you to tennis, the pool, on your boat or the beach as a walking advertisement for your business. 

Jewelry File 

Item #0305-ZB (Zebra)

Two sided design has 48 plastic pockets to store earrings,
 bracelets, and pins. 
Includes metal hanger loop. 

-Jewelry sales: whether you sell jewelry for a direct sales company or make your own jewelry, this case will keep it all in one place for guests or customers to see at a glance

Versitile Scarf Holder 

Item #0610

18 holes offer storage for thick or thin scarves

-Display your handmade scarves for customers to view 

Also useful if you knit your own scarves is the Flip Flop File for storing yarn or completed scarves.

Item #0220-ZB (Zebra)
18 compartments for yarn or scarves

Pill Organizer

If you make Jewelry using small parts or beads, this is the Clever Container item for you!!!

This is typically used for traveling and you can keep up to two weeks worth of vitamins or medications. The red and blue colors denote morning and night. But, these zippered, see through pouches can easily be used to hold beads, clasps, or any other items you might need at a Vendor Fair or Craft Fair for making your jewelry while you are there. Small and compact, it would slip easily into your purse for easy carrying.
In this picture, you can see one of the pouches holding beads. The number has been covered with a cute Hello Kitty Sticker. You could leave the number or cover it with your choice of stickers. 

Item #0594

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