Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 10: Fridge Cubes

This blog has been a while in coming I know, but little Declan has decided that since he has turned 3 months old that he is going to change his schedule and want mommy a lot. I love every minute of it so I have decided that Declan will take precedence during the day and mommy will get her blog on at night after the Sand Man comes and he is in Lullaby Land.

So...after I left you all hanging for #5 on my Top 10 list, here goes-- The FRIDGE CUBE. Tah da!!

Fridge Cube Large
Item #0601
Fridge Cube Small
Item #0600

Clever Container carries a wide variety of fridge containers that can make any refrigerator more organized. The reason I love these is that they come in two different sizes and are large enough to hold a variety of items. Many people love these Cubes to store their children's snacks and drinks in. But, the Fridge Cubes can be used for so much more. 

Where you use these cubes and how you use them is up to you, but they can be used anywhere especially if you need a container that is waterproof. 

Refrigerator Use: Using these cubes in the refrigerator is a great idea since they can help alleviate you needing to clean the refrigerator as often. You can eliminate spills and an overall mess to clean up. 

Use these in the fridge for:
-Healthy snacks for you
-Healthy snacks for the kids
-Kid's drinks
-Medication (diabetic, for shots, kids')
-Items needed to cook a meal all in one place

Other uses:
-Bathroom (hair products, first aid, shampoos, mani/pedi  items, hold bath sponges by the tub, etc.)
-Office (stamps, mailing items)
-Pantry (easily pull out for see through storage)

Other items available in this category:

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