Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 10: Over The Door Pantry Organizer

Top 10: Over the Door Pantry Organizer 

My 4th favorite item from Clever Container is a new item for the Spring 2013. It is the OTD Pantry Organizer.

I, of course, did not use this in my pantry. I already have my pantry organized with shelving connected to the inside of the pantry doors (you can see a picture in my post in the Drawer Organizers).

So, I did what any good organizer would do and I thought of another place to hang and use the "Pantry" Organizer -- the inside of our office closet door.

I will admit that our office is a real work in progress. When we moved into our home, the office was the one room that my husband sort of took over and made a lot of decisions as to the decor. I must admit that I do love the paint job and the IKEA shelving that we have in the office. But, we have so many books between the two of us and this "office" is used for so many different purposes that it lacks organization that works.

In our office, he pays bills and keeps our filing system and works from home at times. In our office, I paint, draw, craft. So, this office holds office supplies, crafting supplies, canvases and paint, our computer, filing system and more. We have a drafting table, two bookshelves, one desk and a filing cabinet along with other containers which hold more crafting supplies. Phew!!!

So, I have decided that our one small closet needs an overhaul so that the space in the actual office can "grow".

The OTD Pantry Organizer is one of the first steps in this process. I have used it to hold envelopes, packaging supplies, pens and markers, additional packs of staples and paperclips, and supplies for my business like seasonal treat bags, catalogs and order forms. This really did help to get some of the stacked clutter off of one of the bookshelves.

OTD Pantry Organizer
Item # 0338
$30.00 ($17 in February when you purchase $50) 

The OTD Pantry Organizer has clips at the top and bottom to keep it from sliding around when you open the door. It contains 24 pockets that are made of a mesh material. The pockets are double so you can store items in front of each other. 

Other uses for the OTD Pantry Organizer:
-Bathroom door for bathroom supplies like extra bottles of soap, toothpaste, etc. Toilet paper. Linens. 

-In a closet to hold hats, scarves, gloves for each family member

-In a child's room for their Barbies or doll clothes or even smaller stuffed animals

-In a craft room for crafting supplies like glue, tape, stapler, hole puncher, etc. 

-Laundry room door for spray bottles, cleaners, dryer sheets, etc. 

-In a pantry for kids snacks and water or juice containers

-For TEACHERS, this is a great item to have in your classroom. You can hang it on the inside of a closet door to hold all of those additional supplies that are needed in a classroom- notecards, glue sticks, stickers, scissors, packs of markers, crayons, and pencils, class prizes-- the uses are endless. 

It is all about thinking outside the box!!!!

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