Friday, April 12, 2013

Let me help you become a part of a great team of women!!!

I have said before that I LOVE working for Clever Container. Not only are the products wonderful, but the company is wonderful to work for. If you read this blog and you are absolutely in LOVE with Clever Container and our products, contact me!! I am able to give you additional information, answer questions you may have and sign you up! Easy peasy!!

Since I began with Clever Container, the support and training I have received has been incredible. We have a team that works together offering advice, photos, support and motivation. The company also provides mentors to its consultants as well as weekly and monthly training.

The best thing of all is that finding leads is something else the company helps you with. Each month, I receive emails from Home Office with names and information on people who are interested in Clever Container whether it be for product, catalogs, or wanting to become a consultant. That speaks volumes as to the company and their mission statement.

Clever Container Company is dedicated to helping people take control of their lives (1) by providing high-quality, innovative and functional tools—along with practical techniques and useful information—for organizing the world around them and (2) by offering business opportunities to motivated individuals who share our belief that an organized environment can lead to a more productive, fulfilling life for each of us.

Clever Container also offers incentives for their consultants from Day 1. The first 90 days is called your Fast Start period or RSO. 

First 30 days

Sell $600 and you will earn the following for FREE!! 

Case By Case ($20/Set of 3)
Chrome Plastic Bag Recycler ($15)

Great Divide ($14)

Sell $1200 and you will earn the following for FREE!! 

Double Duty ($30/Set of 2) 
Sophisticated File Tote ($66) 

First 60 Days

Sell $600 and you will earn the following for FREE!! 

WonderFull Bag ($40) 
Pretty Pen ($10)

Sell $1200 and you will earn the following for FREE!! 

Wire Dividers Chrome ($17)
Purse File ($20)
OTD Pantry Organizer ($30)

First 90 Days

Sell $600 and you will earn the following for FREE!! 

Handle It ($25)
Bin There ($24/Set of 3) 

Sell $1200 and you will earn the following for FREE!! 

Clever Container Tabletop Display Banner-- $85 Value 

You really don't need to keep inventory with Clever Container. You buy your kit for $149 plus S&H at $25. It arrives on your doorstep very quickly and you get started. 

The other items you earn as you go by hosting parties of your own or holding workshops or doing Vendor fairs. By holding parties open for yourself, you are then able to get some additional products to show people when they ask about them. 

It would have been a money saver for me to be able to complete the RSO period. I would have had we not been in the middle of our adoption. I had to cancel all of the Vendor Events and parties I had scheduled during my RSO period. 

But, I could not think of a better reason for me to have missed my RSO period- our beautiful son. 

For you, the RSO period is obtainable. These items are so great and the fact that the company gives them away to help their consultants succeed is GREAT! 

Monthly specials and incentives also help with sales!!

Contact me today for more information!! If you love organizing and helping people become organized- this is the company for you!!

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