Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Project: Office Desk Redo

I am so excited to have found this desk. Our office is slowly becoming filled up. After creating Declan's nursery and cleaning out our guest room, the space has become limited. Our office space is also limited as we use this room for storing books on anything computer related for Gary and anything Home Design for me. We also have magazines for reference and craft supplies which include paint, canvases, wooden letters, ribbon, you name it we have it stored here. This is all on top of the already needed office supplies, file cabinet and Clever Container business items for me. Phew!!

So, the first step in downsizing and organizing this space included selling my desk which had already been moved to the guest room. This didn't have any function for guests at all so it was sold.  So, the decision had to be made- do we only have one desk in the office or do I find a small one just for my business purposes? After looking at my pile of files and business supplies on the floor, I decided to search for a small writing desk with drawers for storage.

This is what I found. I knew I could refinish anything I got, but I didn't want something too bad off. I settled for this desk. The drawers all operate smoothly, it is made of real wood and I have a vision already in my head of what it will look like finished.

Here are the before pictures:

You can see that there are some pretty damaged places on the desk top, but the rest of the desk is in great condition. After stripping the top, I found that many of the scratches were superficial and only through the paint. There are a couple of spots that will need patching and sanding before I stain, but it is doable.

Just like my dresser redo, the top will be stained a dark Ebony and the body will be painted with Valspar Sonora Rose 2002-3B. I fell in love with the color immediately. I also want to play around with stenciling patterns on this project as well as covering the pulls I saved from my dresser redo with fabric.

Stay tuned!!

Update on this dresser redo: I did follow through with most of my plans on this project. After painting the dresser with the rose color though I didn't like it. However, it will stay this color until I have the time to repaint it. It still isn't completely finished, but I am posting some of the photos of part of the finished project. Sometimes, if I start on a project and begin to dislike it half way through I get discouraged (bored) and move on to greener pastures so to speak.

Almost Completed 

Not happy that the wood filler I used that was supposed to be stainable really didn't work that great


Inspiration for the Painting (Thank You card from a friend) 


MWB Business Exchange said...

Great ideas you got there! Will be looking forward to the end result. Cheers!

Joshua Barnett said...

You can still recycle your desk and do some repainting and avoid those scratches. Share the after pictures soon!

AnnaC said...

I do have the bad habit of having too many projects going on at the same time. This desk is still not completely finished, but I will post some photos here today.